Whenever you want to login wireless routers then you have to put IP address in the browser and press Enter. Then it will redirect you on the login screen page. Put your default username and password to login the administrative console. The admin console take you to the router’s hidden page which is not login screen. It is a problem and you can fix that by following few steps. There are few reasons why you are getting the hidden page but not login page.

●You may have put the wrong IP address by mistake
●IP address makes issue on the computer
●Hardware configuration is mismatched or hardware malfunction
●Problem with wireless router
●Browser cache is creaking problem

You have to make sure what device you’re using. Depending on various routers and brands IP address also changes either or Try both of IPs .If one does not work then try another. If you are still facing problem then check your routers. Has the router got power? Is the router turned on? Are those indicator lights giving correct indication? If the LED lights are not on then connect the router with electricity properly. Power is not connected with the routers.

There are some examples of IP address which are incorrect and never work and you never reach internet connection: www. , www. , , 192.168.o.1 etc.

Make sure you are using right IP address which is related with the current device. If you are using old IP address of old device then you will not connected with device. Check your hardware configuration. If you find malfunction in device then take it to the venders. Reset device to fix the problem and do not forget to clean the browser’s cache and history.